Sunday, 14 September 2014

Things to Come

I have had an obsession with this battle scene for quite some time, doing a lengthy post about it on the previous incarnation of this blog:
Not entirely sure why, it's incredibly short, and not the most exciting thing to watch (at least by today's standards). But I think it touches on something that the wargamer cannot ignore... a previously... almost entirely... untouched period to game in, there's an exciting thought!
HG Wells portrays a post-apocalyptic past (to us now), where the second world war never really ended, but effectively fizzled out when nearly the whole world was wiped out by a plague called the wandering sickness. What remained was a world of roving bands of soldiers lead by local warlords. The scene is set in the 1960s but technology hasn't advanced almost at all, in-fact there has even been some regression - cavalry charges anyone?

So what I've been thinking is this is the period I want to apply the rules I'm currently writing to, and gaming it should be incredibly easy, I mean who hasn't got access to tons of 1/72 scale WW1 or WW2 miniatures? I only occasionally mosy down to the local model shop and I've got hundreds of the bloomin' things!

So here's to gaming the past future... future past... whatever.

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