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Randomly Generating Imagi-Nation or Sci-Fi Orders of Battle

I was sitting looking at a mound of 1/72 scale miniatures from WW1 and WW2 and trying to imagine them organised into units from particular Imagi-Nations, or Sci-Fi Organisations, Corporations etc. And thought, how cool it would be, not only to test the current rule set I'm writing, but also just for a bit of fun for those kinds of gamers that like messing around with history, to create a system that allows you to roll for your Orders of Battle. Also I think it's interesting to see how two equally sized and armed forces can operate differently simply by shifting the number of men in a fireteam, or the number of fireteams in a section/squad, and so on. If I break my own game, then the game needs re-working. If the game holds up to the challenge, well, that's just grand. I think against the strains of this, it will do better than most, mainly because fire doesn't work in terms of black powderesque volleys where one unit cripples another to the point it cannot make an equal-ish response. Anyway, on with the system:

Currently the system only really caters for numbers of men, I'll leave equipment load outs and levels of training up to the player. Which also means you can adapt this to whatever force or miniatures you have available. Also the system is obviously based on Earth armies, but it wouldn't be too crazy to imagine Alien forces with similar organisations, just take a look at the Starguard rule book! It might seem a little strange to generate forces in this way, but it actually is how I plan on getting round the whole points system palava when it comes to organising roughly balanced games.

Number of Soldiers in a Fireteam: D3+1
Number of Fireteams in a Section: D3+1
Number of Sections in a Platoon: D3+1
Number of Platoons in a Company: D6+2
Number of Companies in a Battalion: D6+1
Number of Battalions in a Regiment: D6+1
Regiment or Group level is probably the highest you'd ever need to go for the purposes of wargaming, but if you're really nuts...
Number of Regiments in a Brigade: D6+1
Number of Brigades in a Division: D3+1
Number of Divisions in a Corps: D6+1
Number of Corps in an Army: D3+1
Number of Armies in an Army Group/Front: D6+1
Number of Arm Groups/Fronts in a Theatre: D6+4

Here's a a couple of fictional Regiments I created earlier...
From the nation of Flagonia (who like flags a lot) I present the 3rd Infantry Regiment (of 5 in a yet undisclosed Brigade). The regiment is divided up into four Battalions, each of six companies, each company has 6 platoons, and each platoon 3 sections. Each section is further divided into two fireteams each of four soldiers. The Flagonian 3rd Infantry Regiment at full strength contains 3456 men in total, which is a little large, but then again the Flagonian flag is a picture of a man holding their flag, so... they don't do things by half.

South of Flagonia is the nation of Overtherebia, their 5th Regiment (of 5 in a once again undisclosed Brigade) is as follows: Seven battalions, two companies to each battalion, eight platoons to each company, four sections to a platoon, four fireteams to a section and finally two soldiers to a fireteam. The 5th Regiment at full strength contains 3584, again fairly large, but oddly similar in size to the Flagonian 3rd.

You would assume that each regiment of the army is organised in roughly the same way, although that has largely to do with my system that avoids points.

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