Friday, 12 September 2014

Quick and Easy Terrain - Destroyed Forest

With  the current rule set I'm working on there is a requirement for extremely modular terrain, and since I hadn't flexed my terrain making muscles for a while I thought I'd jump in with something simple, a forest. Or more accurately a destroyed one. First find a suitable twig somewhere outside, break it into usable sections and glue gun them to pennies. Then cover the glue gun join and strengthen it with milliput, green stuff, das or filler, and then cover that layer with PVA and sand. Then paint. I painted the whole thing with  a dark brown, and dry brushed the sand with a tan colour and the tree lightly with grey. I then picked out the larger stones on the base with grey, and dry brushed the whole thing white. Finally I gave the whole thing a coat of watered down PVA to protect it, and glued flock in various places to break up the brown and grey a bit. The whole thing came out much better than I expected, and if I can think of a quick and easy way to do leaves on one of these I'll definitely be moving on to that next!

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