Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Futbowel Project Part 1

Here's a project I've been looking at doing for a very long time, Futbowel. I recently purchased the rules from Wargame Vault and was looking to do the whole project on the cheap. So I turned to my yet unused miniatures box and grabbed a bag of 50 Em4 miniatures plastic orcs.
 Here's how the Orcs begin, upright, on a big, beveled, integral, plastic base with a spear. The first job is to cut away all the unnecessary plastic.
 It's at this stage I think about how I want my Futbowlers posed. There's an annoying part of the spear that needs cutting away from the glove. Initially I used my knife, but it was actually much easier with pliers.
 After some posing, I had what's above. The yellow stuff if you're not familiar is milliput. I used it to fill in the slots in the round bases I had, and to merge the plastic left under the feet into the base. Conversions wise you can get a lot of good poses out of these guys, just cut at a knee, elbow, or shoulder and repose. I didn't do anything to the left arms because from previous experience it can be a pain to reconstruct the fingers.
 Here's a shot of them getting their base coats, the brown fella in the middle is one of my goal keepers.
 Above is an Orc version of Pele. He was probably the toughest conversion, with the bottom of his foot looking a little dicey.

Here's the only two I've got finished so far. I'm happy with how the painting's come out, and now I just need to get on and paint the rest. Then on to my second team... this is a long term project, hopefully ending up with several teams and an ongoing league, which either can be played when I can convince others to join me, or played out with some home brew solo rules.

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