Saturday, 6 September 2014

Rolling 2D6 on Mass

2D6 systems that involve rolling lots of 2D6 have often discouraged me from playing, thinking of the 15mm sci fi game Gruntz or the classic Laserburn: Imperial Commander. This is because to play the game in a quick way, you need lots of pairs of coloured dice. I don't have lots of pairs of coloured dice, and so I would have to take that extra expense into account, it's not a huge expense, but it's more likely to make me turn to other systems that have you roll plain old 1D6s like Use Me, and the plethora of other systems out there.

But then it hit me this morning, a quick method of rolling 2D6 on mass, without having loads of pairs of coloured dice... also enabling you to roll as many 2D6 as you have 1D6, imagine 30 or 40 2D6?

1) Have the number you need to score on 2D6 in mind, say for example 9.
2) Roll as many 1D6 dice as you would roll pairs of dice for 2D6. Say you're rolling 10 2D6, just roll 10 1D6.
3) Group your dice that came up equal. Put 1s in a group, 2s in a group, 3s etc.
4) Roll your groups individually, attempting to make the number they need to reach the number you needed to score on 2D6, discard any that don't.
5) Any that make the number count as successes.

For example, I need to score 9s on 10 2D6s. So I roll 10 1D6, discarding any that score 1 or 2, because it's impossible for them to reach 9 when rolled again. I group what I have left, any 3s count as successes if on the second roll they score 6s (3+6=9), any 4s count if on the second roll they score 5s and so on.

I've used this a couple of times now, and it works really well, it's not as fast as pairs of coloured dice, but the advantage is that you can roll huge numbers of 2D6, 100 even!

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