Friday, 18 April 2014

German Paratroop

So I've been considering making a little money on the side selling hand painted toy soldiers on ebay. Here was my first attempt at painting an 1/32 Airfix German Paratrooper. He came out really well, although he did highlight a problem before I put this mini business into full swing, I seriously need some new paints, especially browns and flesh tones. While they might look relatively nice on this guy, it took me ages to get there! Definitely not worth the time spent there! However, I suppose I did get my technique down pretty well!
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The Korban Grenadiers (making the most of cheap toy soldiers)

Sometimes among the Korban ranks a soldier is both physically larger and stronger but also intellectually and tactically. These Korban are quickly drafted into elite units known as Grenadiers.
 The Sergeant of the unit carries a large variety of tactical grenades from smoke, to flash, to stun, and in extreme circumstances the much feared 'Molsh Grenade'.
 While it might not be obvious here, these Korban are superior in height when compared to their brethren. The Grenadier is also distinguished by a black helmet.
 Grenadiers are also experts in hand to hand combat and assault tactics.
 But also marksmanship, in fact Crucible are often hard pressed to find a better marksman (that they will acknowledge exists) than the Korban Grenadier.
 The Korban Grenadiers are also equipped with the best in infantry heavy weapons. The M1 Laser Cannon or Lazooka to the men, is highly effective at taking down almost anything that can be thrown at it. The downside is that it has no explosive radius, so while it may easily cut through a tank, infantry are much more difficult to deal with.

 Finally the Erosion Gun, based on the idea of  weaponising a water cutter, one canister is filled with water, the other a highly top secret ebrasive. The Erosion gun often takes it's time, but is always effective where laser weaponry may be deflected or absorbed. While it is officially illegal under crucible law to turn an erosion gun on an infantry unit, tests have shown it to be highly effective and it has been used that way in dire and therefore justifiable circumstances.
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