Sunday, 25 January 2015

Play testing that idea for solo gaming plus some pics of my growing 1/72 fantasy collection

 Lord Urleth and his Undead
 Tannik Druze, Sir Gildain and Pharen Thark, Knights of the Green Blade
 A selection of heroes yet unnamed except for Kora the female barbarian, and yes the one in the middle is a dwarf. The guys without flock on their bases are not quite finished yet.
The Centaur leader up close.

So I tried a little game with the top most two forces using the ideas from my previous post, Lord Urleth and his horde and the Knights of the Green Blade. It was a really simple set up as the two forces faced each other on completely open ground, although the way I'm going for movement rules I should really have played with more terrain.
The zombies slowly advanced while all of Tannik's magic managed to backfire incapacitating him before combat had even been joined. The zombie's split with two attacking Sir Gildain and the other two going after Pharen. The zombies seemed strangely tougher than normal with two managing to down Pharen, and as they attempted to bite their way through his armour, Sir Gildain downed his two, but he came off worse for ware. As he stumbled about attempting to regain his composure Lord Urleth charged, his sword at the Knight's neck height. Sir Gildain dodged at the last second and struck a blow that would have easily killed a mortal man. Lord Urleth rode off, leaking his black blood down his horses flank. The Knights of the Green Blade had been victorious but at what cost?
The game played so quickly I didn't really have the time to take pictures, but I have to say it probably was one of the better solo experiences I have had, and thinking about the rules I can see why, it's essentially one step up from playing as a child would with the dice, cards and abilities determining the outcome of events rather than just your imagination. Also it's a fun challenge to manage your dice well, and knowing when to roll lots of them and when to hold back.
It was a simple 9pt game. The forces stacking up as follows:
Sir Gildain - Devastate, Immortal, Elite.
Pharen Thark - Devastate.
Tannik Druze - Ranged, Heal.

Lord Urleth - Devastate, Immortal, Elite, Fast.
Zombie (x4) - no abilities.

Devastate increased the strength of any wounds dealt by 1.
Immortal reduced the strength of any wounds dealt to a character by 1.
Ranged enabled a character to attack at range.
Heal enabled a character to heal wounds.
Fast enables a character to move twice.
A character has a base cost of 1pt and then costs 1pt extra per ability they have.

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