Friday, 8 August 2014

Universe Building Part 4b: Reflecting On Alliances and Wars For The Sake Of Plot

Using the rules I had just posted for generating alliances and wars, I drew up a table of all my races and rolled for them, before I realised my two systems had been engulfed in a complicated war!
The bright red indicates races at war, the faded their enemies, the bright blue their symbiotes (races they would die protecting) and the faded their allies.
It seems in this war the Iwaperons, Nanolin, Ypanoids, Cuwal and Regumon are not involved. The Nanolin simply don't have the technological advancement to be involved and the rest transcend this kind of conflict.
At the centre of the war seems to be a breakdown in a three way alliance, while the Eraqutons and the Ehunepolin are close allies and the Giliseni and the Ehunepolin are close allies, the Eraqutons and the Giliseni are mortal enemies. There must have been a previous alliance between the three races that failed and erupted into war. The Giliseni were able to call upon their allies the Julirans and the Odotolin followed reluctantly, being close allies with the Julirans but really disliking the Giliseni. The Pir offer what support they can to the Odotolin, but are caught in the middle of the conflict due to their own hatred of the Apurans and the Julirans. On the opposing side are the Eraqutons and the Apurans. The Apurans are close allies of the Eraqutons and have no qualms about being involved due to their hatred of the Juilirans and the Pir.
The main three main planets in the war are on the one side Rexovimu, home of the Eraqutons and the Apurans. And on the other, Nanofinu and Juli. Cuwalivi home of the Odotolin has not been targeted by the other side due to it also being the home world of the Cuwal, a race that could easily end the other side.
There is one major question to answer here: Why did the alliance break down?

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