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Universe Building Part 2: Alien Race Name Generator

So you've got your system (here's one from the last post):
Star - Aty
Planet 1 - Ivu
Planet 2 - Vaq
Planet 3 - Okon
Planet 4 - Opo
Planet 5 - Gamoju
Planet 6 - Nanofinu

And now you want to determine if the planets have home races and if so how many and what their names are...
STEP 1 Roll 1D6 for each planet, 1-3 is the number of home races, 4-6 is 0 home races, with 4-6 is doesn't mean the planet is uninhabited, it just means the races there didn't originate from that planet, they could be colonists from other planets within the system.
Planet 1 - Ivu - 0 Home Races
Planet 2 - Vaq - 0 Home Races
Planet 3 - Okon - 0 Home Races
Planet 4 - Opo - 0 Home Races
Planet 5 - Gamoju - 1 Home Race
Planet 6 - Nanofinu - 3 Home Races
STEP 2 Now to name each race in the Aty System. Our first planet with a home race is Gamoju. Roll 1D6, on a 1-3 the race is named after the planet, and a 4-6 they have a new name. If the race has a name based on the planet roll 1D6 (ignoring 1s and 2s) to determine how many letters of the planets name that the race takes. If the planet has less letters than the roll just take the full planet name. If a race already exists on the planet based on the planet name ignore the roll and generate a new name.
I scored a 5 meaning the race has an entirely new name. Before we generate that name however we need to roll 1D10 and consult the following table:
1 - The ...... (no suffix)
2 - ...nians, ...sians/ ...ians, ...eans
3 - ...nans, ...sans, ...rans, ...mans/ ...ans
4 - ...els
5 - ...lin/ ...olin
6 - ...lites, ...mites/ ...ites
7 - ...tons, ...mons/ ...ons
8 - ...ryls/ ...yls
9 - ...nids, ...noids/ ...ids, ...oids
10 - ...meni/ ...eni
There are a few extra rules to add, when generating a completely new name (one not based on a planet) roll 1D6 for the number of letters ignoring 1s and 2s. The reason you have a few options for some numbers is so you can pick the one that sounds the best rather than being stuck with something that sounds unnatural or hard to say.
So back to Gamoju, the home race their has a new name not one based on their home planet's name (consult the table on the previous post for generating names). I rolled a 6 for the number of letters and generated the following: Iwaper (ee-wap-er) then I rolled a 7 on the table above, and since Iwaper ends in a consonant I picked the option beginning with a vowel and generated the Iwaperons.
Now on to Nanofinu with its 3 home races.
Race 1 - The Giliseni (ji-li-sen-ee)
Race 2 - The Nanolin (na-no-lin)
Race 3 - The Pir (peer)
So here's our system with its races:
Planet 1 - Ivu - None
Planet 2 - Vaq - None
Planet 3 - Okon - None
Planet 4 - Opo - None
Planet 5 - Gamoju - The Iwaperons
Planet 6 - Nanofinu - The Giliseni, The Nanolin, The Pir.
Now for fun lets roll our second system from last time:
Star - Yru
Planet 1 - Ejymo - None
Planet 2 - Iguryfo - None
Planet 3 - Rexovimu - The Apurans (ay-pur-ans), The Eraqutons (er-ak-oo-tons)
Planet 4 - Ypa - The Ypanoids (ee-pa-noids)
Planet 5 - Regu - The Ehunepolin (ee-hoo-nep-olin), The Regumon (ray-goo-mon)
Planet 6 - Juli - The Julirans (yoo-lee-rans)
Planet 7 - Doqoco - None
Planet 8 - Cuwalivi - The Cuwal (que-wal), The Odotolin (oe-doe-to-lin)
I may tweak the system a little, but it does seem to be giving good and suitably odd results. The problem would be finding miniatures for all this... but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Next up has to be either planet conditions or alien race characteristics. I would think conditions first, because that no doubt would affect the races that life there!

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