Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Steel Skulls (making the most of cheap toy soldiers)

The Steel Skulls are an elite and highly experimental unit. They specialise in black ops missions and no win scenarios. The Steel Skulls are an entirely human unit and are officially denied as active by Crucible. Rumours abound surrounding their existence and motives, most believe they are a real unit but are only known to truly exist by the highest members of the human race within Crucible. They do all the dirty work, and ask no questions.
 The sergeant above is armed with a light laser weapon, perfect for taking out human sized targets. He is carrying the traditional ballistic pistol and wearing the iconic Steel Skull helmet.
 The entire unit is wearing an experimental type of body armour known as a DAV, deflection absorption vest. The DAV using successive layers of reflective and absorbative material wears down a laser weapon shot, deflecting some and absorbing some in stages. It is believed a DAV is 100% effective against a light or medium laser weapon, but if shot more than once in the same location, the second time round will be totally ineffective.
 The standard Steel Skull support weapon is the Molsh. Steel Skull units however rarely carry a standard Molsh, most are experimental models, offering higher rates of fire, greater accuracy or range, but suffering from a higher probability of malfunction.
The Steel Skull helmet provides the wearer with almost any tactical data a soldier could desire. It is completely environment proof and has advanced filtration units turning any harmful gasses or environments into fully breathable air. If not filtering existing air it has a small air supply of its own allowing the user to survive up to 24 Earth hours in a vacuum. The Steel Skulls operate in smaller units due to their helmets which are an entirely deflective form of armour. The front armour of the helmet is vastly superior to the rear encouraging any Steel Skull from ever facing away from an enemy.
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