Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My 15mm Miniatures So Far

As promised here are pics of my progress with my order, I apologise for the yellowishness of the pics, I don't currently have a white light to hand.
 Here's a Gort style 'Robotic Servant', he was very easy to paint. I gave him an  once over with silver and ran a small amount of black wash around his ears, neck, belt and cuffs. I then picked out his visor with blue and attempted to paint a gem effect on it, which had limited success, but it works for me.
 Here's a Heavy Tracked Automata. I wanted my Automatons to be painted very quickly, so I went with black and dry brushed silver, only picking out the eyes with red.
 My Ghoulani are not in the traditional red and grey colour scheme. I went for a desert yellow uniform,  purple skin and red eyes.
 Each part of the Ghoulani are highlighted twice to really make them stand out. I struggled to highlight the elbows and knees which you'll notice have extra but tiny detail, so I ran a brown wash over them instead.
 The eyes were tough, I have extremely shaky hands, but the gem effect came out a darn sight better on them than on the Robotic Servant's visor.
Finally your standard Automaton, painted in exactly the same way as the Heavy Tracked Automaton.
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