Monday, 17 March 2014

15mm Erin

My package from arrived and I have been a busy boy painting, I'll be uploading pictures of my progress as soon as I find my camera. Until then, I was browsing Alternative Armies and 15mm thinking of all the dream projects I could start, my first Slaughterloo army, a regular fantasy army using AA fantasy miniatures, adding more to my Ion Age collection or finally collecting the entire Asgard sci fi range (which I have promised myself I will do one day). Then there's Erin, a game which I have been feasting my beady eyes on for a very long time, and I probably would buy it, if there wasn't so little about it online and I had so little money to put into war gaming. This made me think about scale, what if I could find some miniatures on 15mm that would work as proxies? Then I would be well away to playing Erin considering a 16 miniature warband could cost as little as £4.
The Milesians are your average human types. Fantastically at 15mm under their HOT range there is an existing range of Celtic Mythology humans so there's no problem fielding some 15mm Milesians.
The Formorians are a pretty unique looking brand of Orcs. So on 15mm I checked out the HOT Orcs all are pretty suitable but one set in particular that stood out to me were the 'Mountain Orcs' that have a very Formorian appearance.
Nemedians can be put together from the 'Minotaur Warband' from the Tabletop Fantasy range, a part from that I'd consider filling their ranks with the HOT Dogmen.
The Sidhe could be thrown together using the HOT Elves even though they don't quite have the right aesthetic. Your only other real option from 15mm would be to use the Celtic Myth humans we've already got down for the Milesians.
The Fir Bolg are the biggest issue you will face. There are a few options though, you could put together a warband from the models in the Historical Isarus range, or, if you wanted something a little different you could use the HOT undead. This is for no other reason than in the other game I know of that looks at the Celtic Invasion cycle 'Celtos' the Fir Bolg are undead. I am reluctant to use the undead though, because Formorian magic is capable of raising the dead, so I wouldn't want to commit them to another force.

Hopefully that gives you a little something to ponder, getting into Erin can be much cheaper.
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