Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Ion Age Project Update

200 30mm x 30mm square bases arrived just yesterday, some of which I am turning into bases, and testing my idea for the ultimate Ion Age board.

The idea as I outlined in my previous post was to glue the bases to 30mm washers available on the cheap from Wilkinsons and hopefully that will be enough to hold the individual squares to some magnetic craft sheeting which I'm still waiting for. If that fails to work I'll try adding some stronger magnets to the underside of the bases, and if that fails, I'll have to glue them down.

So either way, on to decorating the bases. The tiles for the Ion Age game are mostly concrete blocks, dumpsters, piles of rubble and futuristic vehicles. I've just got theories at the moments but I'm hoping to cast some of the concrete blocks using plaster and a rubber ice cube container. Rubble can then be produced by breaking up some of those blocks, mixing that with cat litter and throwing in bits of sprue and broken match sticks. Dumpsters should be easy enough but I'm not sure how good they'll look, so I'll look into the commercially available options, and finally the futuristic vehicles, possibly the hardest option, but I think I've found at least something:

I'll check back after the magnetic sheets arrive and I've done some tests.

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