Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Different Dice Mechanic

Yesterday the other half and I took a nice walk through a place in North Devon known as 'The Valley of Stones' which was rather beautiful, and I thought would be a pretty amazing challenge for terrain makers. Afterwards we stopped off at a local pub for a nice lunch. Throughout the pub were book cases, packed with all kinds of strange tomes. I grabbed one simply titled 'Time Lord' and discovered to my amazement, it was a rulebook for a Doctor Who role playing game (wiki page, including a full download of the book: ).

The first thing I do whenever I pick up a new rulebook for anything is to check the basic dice rolling mechanic behind the game. More interesting was that this RPG had a mechanic I had never seen before. You have a set score you need to get from 0-5 to perform an action, and to determine if you make it, you roll 2D6 and subtract the lower value rolled from the higher. I started thinking about the applications of such a mechanic and realised that it was rather ingenious, the only downside probably being that a range of 0-5 probably isn't large enough for any serious RPG, but you could try it with say D10s or maybe, if you're fast at mental math, D20s.

Just a small thought.
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