Friday, 10 October 2014

New Recruits for my 'New Earth Engine' Factions

So I settled on the name New Earth Engine as at least the working title for my skirmish game. Here are some new recruits:
For the Orthodoxy...
The Demon Slayer, a melee nightmare, who predictably specialises in dispatching demons.
The Spear Sister, a kickass nun who works well at range and in melee.
The Sword Sister, another kickass nun, similar to the spear sister, but more powerful close up.
Finally a member of the High Guard, the regular military arm of the Orthodoxy, he's light on his feet and best at range.
Next up Security Sciences...
The Sniper, who, as you would imagine, is best picking people off from afar.
The Agent, imagine James Bond, he's lightly armed and barely armoured, but can seriously screw with your plans and oddly is tough to kill.
Finally, in the tradition of SS Killbots, the HMGbot.
Last of the new recruits, for the Lamented...
The Gargoyle, who is quick, deadly in hand to hand, and if he feels like he's taking to much heat can always turn back to stone to negate any damage.
Here are the three factions in totality so far...
The Orthodoxy
 Security Sciences
 The Lamented
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